The Genesis of Maui Youth Sports

A parent wanted a single location where she could find information on various sporting activities for her children. It sounded like a reasonable request, so here we are.

Parents, we know how challenging it can be to find out about sports leagues and meeting registration deadlines for your youth athlete. Many of you find yourselves searching through newspapers and periodicals for information, maybe even driving down to the local sports store to see if there’s anything posted on the bulletin board.

Often the information we need is too difficult or inconvenient to come by, and we find ourselves with few options for our children to participate in a sports program due to missed opportunities. hopes to remedy this by compiling information on the various sports available to our youth in one location. This way, you can make an informed decision on the type of sport that is most desirable for you and your child.

Tell Us Your Sports Stories

Let’s be honest. There is a certain level of pride we feel when our child’s name is called for making an outstanding play or a gesture of pure sportsmanship. Too often though, these momentous events go unrecognized in the local papers. Help us preserve the highlights of your child’s athletic achievements.

Whether you’re a parent, uncle, cousin, coach or just a fan, we want to hear sports stories from you about youth that are lighting up your scoreboard.  Tell it in a few words or a few hundred. Tell it with pictures or videos. We plan to make your sports stories a major feature at Register to submit your sports story now.

Athletic Scholarships

A common misconception about college athletics is that unless you play basketball like LeBron James or swim like Michael Phelps, you don’t stand a chance of receiving an athletic scholarship. In reality, it is possible to get an athletic scholarship without being in the top 5 percent of your sport.

Keep in mind, you can’t just sit back and expect the phone to ring with scholarship offers. Youth athletes need to market themselves if they wish to earn some level of funding.

If pursuing a higher education post high school is in your child’s future, there is great opportunity here for parents and community members to assist our local youth athletes in building a portfolio of accomplishments on and off the playing field. By documenting your youth’s accomplishments here by means of sports stories, photos, videos and social media, you increase your child’s exposure to recruiters and athletic departments around the country.