Jul 192013

Congratulations to the Maui United Soccer Club 2002 boys team!! Read all about it in the article below. 

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July 17, 2013
The Maui News

Maui United romps to tournament title

The Maui United Soccer Club 2002 boys team won the Hawaii International Cup last weekend on Oahu, outscoring its four opponents 23-0.

Maui United defeated Surf Hawaii 5-0, won 2-0 over the Honolulu Soccer Club ’02 Bulls, beat Ekahi Hui 11-0 and recorded a 5-0 victory over the Honolulu Soccer Club Ka’ula ’03 Bulls.

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Kobi-Ryne Kuge of Maui United Soccer Club 2002 attempts to advance the ball during a Hawaii International Cup match.

“The HSC Bulls beat us in overtime 4-3 back in February at the President’s Day Cup, so it was a huge accomplishment to come back and beat them at their own tournament,” said Maui United coaching director Brent Nunes.

“It just goes to show that our program is working and all their hard work has really paid off. I’m so proud of these boys and see great things in their future.”

The Maui United roster comprised Gabriel Andrion, Aikala Chappell, Eric Doolin, Henry Johnston, Luke Kawabe, Kanoa Kelii, Kobi-Ryne Kuge, Raul Lopez, Tomas Martinez, Cade Mattos, Samuel Ostermiller, Isaiah Souza and Elliot Tom. The coaches were Chuck and Blake Nunes.


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